Boating: The renovation of the Fort Louis marina has started!


Since January 1, 2019, the Collectivity has taken over the management of the two marinas in Marigot, Fort Louis and Port la Royale. On November 20, the Community's Executive Council approved the reconstruction program for the Fort Louis marina. President Daniel Gibbs, in the presence of Lisa Barrot, assistant director of the Fort Louis marina, presented this reconstruction program on Friday morning.

In recent months, renovation works on the public part of the Port la Royale marina, including in particular the complete repair of the deck and public lighting, have been carried out for an amount of 50 thousand euros. "And more substantial improvements are being studied for this marina," added President Gibbs.

But the primary objective of this press conference was the launch of the renovation of the Fort Louis marina for an overall budget of 5,5 million euros. "In order to finance these large-scale works, we will call on the convergence contract which we must sign soon with the State", assures Daniel Gibbs. The latter considers that the aging of the equipment and infrastructure of the Fort Louis marina requires renovation work, but also rehabilitation.

The President of the Collectivity asked that the works be a priority, "because the tourist development requires an urgent and lasting consideration of the problems of welcoming boaters and the security of our marinas". This project provides for studies and project management, infrastructure works, upgrading work on electricity networks and public lighting. And this from the promenade of the West Indies shopping center, to the pier parking lot where the lighthouse is located. The renovation of the harbor master's office and the Yacht Club is also planned, as well as the covering and lighting of the large pier.

“We have already carried out the studies and selected the companies for the first phase of the work. The site has just started and should be completed in September 2020, "says President Gibbs._RM


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