Signature of the “Wednesday Plan”: a device intended to create a link between the school and extracurricular activities


Last Friday, in the office of President Daniel Gibbs, took place the signing of the "Wednesday Plan" between the Collectivity of Saint-Martin, represented by its President, and the National Education represented by Michel Sanz, vice-rector chief of the service the National Education of Saint-Barthélemy and Saint-Martin and Andy Armongon, president of the USEP (Sports Union of First Degree Education) for the North Islands.

A signature which consisted in the opening "Wednesday Plan" set up by the Ministry of National Education. The objective is to be able to welcome the students, on Wednesday morning, in the form of activities that are more educational. An action which comes within the framework of extracurricular activities and which strengthens it, but which also makes it possible to create continuity, a link, between school and extracurricular activities. The "Wednesday Plan" is based on a return to the main axes of school projects, and from that there is a reflection made on what activities to offer on Wednesday morning.

The children will be supervised by CTOS staff, but also by volunteer teachers who can support, as well as external contributors such as associations. All primary schools in Saint-Martin are affected by the “Wednesday Plan”.

Twelve action sheets will be distributed across all schools in the territory. Linguistic aspects, heritage, culture, citizenship are the main axes of the action sheets.

This “Wednesday Plan” operation will start at the start of the new school year in January 2020. And if all the municipalities in France do not participate in this initiative, Saint-Martin is part of this approach, in partnership with National Education. The major element of the "Wednesday Plan" is to create a link between the extracurricular and what is done during school time. _RM


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