Weather: Assessment of the hurricane season


The hurricane season, which ended on November 30, “was again a more active season than average”. "This is the fourth consecutive season with activity above normal and recent averages, which had not happened since the period 1998-2001," notes Météo France.

Eighteen cyclones were baptized over all the basins, the normal being twelve. Twelve tropical storms, six hurricanes including three major ones (Dorian, Humberto and Lorenzo) were recorded this year.

The Lesser Antilles were affected by two moderate tropical storms, Dorian on August 26 and 28 before it became a major hurricane, and Karen on September 21 and 25. “The center of Dorian passed over Barbados then on the South of Saint Lucia where it disintegrated a little while lengthening. Another center quickly reformed further north, about 30 km west of the Anses d'Arlet and rose to the west along Dominica passing about 70km from Les Saintes, "recalls Météo France.

Two  other cyclones circulated north of the West Indies arc. Jerry, whose “only consequence was a long moderate north-northeast swell, and tropical storm Sébastien, which was born east of the North Islands, very late in the season. It is only the second time in sixty years that a cyclone has been near the Antillean arc after mid-November, the other was the catastrophic hurricane Lenny in 1999 ", comments Météo France.


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