Narcotrafic: 20 kg of cannabis seized by the Armed Forces between Martinique and Saint Lucia


On June 3, during a maritime surveillance patrol conducted at night between Saint Lucia and Martinique, the patrol boat Antilles-Guyane (PAG) La Combattante, based in Fort-de-France, made a new seizure of narcotics .

At 4:22 a.m. local time, a suspicious skiff was detected in French territorial waters, between Martinique and Saint Lucia, by the PAG of the Armed Forces in the Antilles (FAA). As the patrol boat approached, the individuals on board the skiff threw bundles into the water and fled towards Saint Lucia. The five packages were recovered by La Combattante and tested positive for cannabis, for a total weight of 20 kg. 

If the boat and the individuals could not be intercepted, the narcotics were handed over the same day to the Caribbean branch of the anti-narcotics office (OFAST).

Since the beginning of the year, the means of the Armed Forces in the West Indies have seized at sea nearly 700 kg of cocaine and a ton of cannabis.

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