ANIMAL CAUSE: Urgent search for escorts to accompany dogs in Metropolitan France


The situation is critical: around twenty dogs have to go to mainland France to a shelter, an association or their new adoptive family. 

The SXM Animals Collective appeals to anyone traveling soon to the Metropolis. The dogs still present on the territory of Saint Martin are currently in foster care, this placement being temporary, our four-legged friends need to reach the other continent to be adopted and start their second life. The urgency is significant in order to make the adoption circuit more fluid and to free Saint-Martin residents so that they can take in other stray or abandoned dogs. The objective is therefore to evacuate these animals as soon as possible. Everything is already in place on the other side of the ocean, whether in a shelter or in foster families, but without an escort to accompany the doggies to Paris, nothing is possible and the machine is blocked. If the SXM Animals Collective calls for help, it is especially these dogs who need it. Nothing to pay for the traveler, all costs are borne by the association as well as the administrative procedures, the hairball is brought to the airport before departure. And not much to do either except to pick up the animal in its cage at the arrival terminal in Paris, a referent person will be present to pick up the dog. The association is therefore looking for people who travel with Air Caraïbes from Grand-Case or Juliana airport. The collective also appeals to people agreeing to take a small dog or a puppy in the cabin (equivalent to free luggage), it saves a life and it will melt your traveling companions. Finally, people flying from Paris to Saint-Martin can also offer their services to bring back used cages. Having ourselves escorted two dogs, one of which had been waiting for a year to find its family for life, the experience of participating in this chain of solidarity leaves a sweet memory and a great emotion. _VX

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