MICRO-TROTTOIR: “On March 8, 2021, what does International Women's Rights Day inspire you? "


“It inspires me perplexity. Please note, I am delighted that there are days like today to highlight this fight but it's also frustrating because this fight is daily for us women, we sometimes have the impression that the rest of the world has already forgotten March 9. I have always campaigned for equality, to campaign for women does not mean to campaign against men. There are more and more men in solidarity and who are committed to helping change mentalities, because this first involves the education of little boys. " Sophia



“I was mainly brought up by women, my mother, my aunts, my big sisters, I learned to respect the woman for what she does but first and foremost for what she is. Without women, the world would not have a place. There are still notable delays in terms of equal pay, positions of responsibility attributed to women, but I am also thinking of their safety, being able to simply walk alone at night without fear of being attacked. Men are not aware that a woman must always think about what she is going to do or say in order not to put herself in danger and to organize herself according to that. It is not normal to simply say that in such and such a neighborhood even the locals refuse to let their wives go for a walk alone when the sun is down. " Jacques


" Hope. There is still a lot of work to advance women's rights, there has been progress but not everywhere in the world. March 8 should last all year, but by setting a date, it also helps to put the cause forward. Protect women, put women in the spotlight, and above all listen to them. Many have to learn from women. The sorority has saved many women, including me. " Elsa

Facebook of the Soroptimist International Club of Saint Martin which works to transform the lives and conditions of women and girls by giving them access to better opportunities through education and empowerment:


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