The memorandum of understanding between the COM and "Saint-Martin wake up" officially signed


It was finally last Thursday at 21 p.m. that the memorandum of understanding - relating to the procedures of the local urban plan (PLU), the 45 geometric steps and the complaints of the neighborhood councils - was signed between the Collectivity and "Saint- Martin wake up ”, in Marigot. As agreed by the collective, the roadblocks were immediately lifted, to the relief of motorists.   

After fierce negotiations, vice-president Guillaume Arnell, interim president, and representatives of the “Saint-Martin wake up” collective managed to find common ground at 18 p.m. at the Hôtel de la Collectivité . Despite the verbal agreement, the collective demanded that the document be signed between the two parties before lifting the roadblocks. After some tweaking, the MoU was signed 30:3 hours later. Fearing a second day of blockage in the capital, motorists were then able to return to their homes. The Collectivity is therefore committed to several points, as stipulated in the memorandum of understanding: immediately issue an order stopping the public inquiry of the PLU; stop the procedure for drawing up the PLU in order to submit a new, more complete file to the public. A deliberation will be taken at the next Territorial Council; modify by deliberation the field of competence of the commission on the 15 geometric steps to include therein questions related to the verification of tickets and tariffs; guarantee the proper functioning and better consideration of the grievances of the neighborhood councils, in compliance with the organic law. In addition, the prefect Anne Laubies announced Friday that no overflow was noted on the territory relating to roadblocks.

Near that of Agrément, “two fires (tires and pallets) took place”, “but no stone or scuffing was reported”. In the Concordia district, on the fringes of the blockage, “ten trash fires intervened” in the early evening. "Two vehicles forced the roadblocks in Quartier d'Orléans and Agrément," said the prefect.

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