HEALTH: Together against diabetes!


Participants got up at dawn to rally around a single cause: the fight against diabetes. At 5:30 a.m. on Saturday November 12, they walked symbolically as part of the awareness month for this pathology.

After this morning effort, the organizers went to their stands set up opposite the Marigot market to offer visitors a free diabetes screening and inform them of the importance of prevention. Several structures have made this action possible: Saint-Martin Santé, which works on a daily basis to raise awareness among the Saint-Martin population of the dangers represented by diseases such as high blood pressure, obesity and  diabetes, the Lion's Club which added a musical and rhythmic touch to the event by bringing djembes, Rotary, the Red Cross whose volunteers, supervised by Doctor Frédéric Olivo, went to meet passers-by to discuss with them, and other partner associations. Several young people were present within the organization, mingling with the elderly in a natural dynamic of intergenerational bond. Kildine, dietitian at Saint-Martin Santé, had made nutritious and low-sugar snacks for the occasion.

Diabetes can be a silent disease that wreaks irreversible damage, in 2019 in France more than 4,5 million people in France had diabetes, but about 1 million of them were unaware of it. Hence the urgency of getting tested. In addition, 6,7 million people died in 2021 due to their diabetes, an increase of 2,5 million compared to 2019 which unfortunately already had 4,2 million deaths. Diabetes is not to be taken lightly and several risk factors favoring the onset and development of the disease come into play: smoking, physical inactivity, obesity and overweight, high blood pressure, lack of physical activity and poor feed. The Saint Martin Health association regularly organizes screening actions, so do not hesitate to contact them, and take care of yourself. _VX

Info: 0801 108 899

Facebook: Saint Martin Health

Address: 45 Constant Fleming Street at Concordia


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