Territorial engineering trophies in Paris: The Jury's favorite for Saint-Martin!


Saint-Martin was in the spotlight on Tuesday, November 20, at the Mayors and Local Authorities fair, held at Porte de Versailles in Paris. The jury's favorite, the SXM community received the Territorial Engineering Trophy. 

The Salon of Mayors and Local Authorities is the only national event that brings together all the major players in public procurement. The event hosted the second edition of the Territorial Engineering Trophies, organized by Techni.Cités and La Gazette des communes. These Trophies are an opportunity to highlight technical innovations in the regions. They reward innovative local authorities whose original work contributes to improving the quality of public service. Composed of technical experts, associations of elected officials and the editorial staff of Techni.Cités and the Gazette des communes, the Jury awards a prize to the most promising projects for public service.

Sabrina Placidoux and Martial Halley in the spotlight

The Collectivity of Saint-Martin received the “Jury's favorite prize” for the cross-functional work carried out between the Department of Regional Planning and Town Planning, headed by the engineer Sabrina Placidoux and the GIS - System service Graphic Information - led by technician Martial Halley.

The project entitled "When the town planning police meet the SIG" consists of the creation of a platform fed by the agents assigned to the town planning police which makes it possible to collect data in real time, such as the number of construction sites in progress, the type of construction, etc., to map them, to identify the so-called risk zones within the framework of the instruction of the planning authorizations, in particular the DPI, in order to develop statistics in terms of construction on the French part of the island.

Present at the Congress of Mayors where he participated in the “Climate Change” workshop organized by the Association of Mayors of France, President Daniel Gibbs was able to attend the award ceremony for the Laureates Saint-Martin. Proud of the result, the President praised the work of the two territorial executives, Sabrina Placidoux and Martial Halley, who enabled the community of Saint-Martin to be laureate 2018 and who by their professional involvement proved in the tense context of the reconstruction, that our Community was fully capable of initiating profound and innovative changes at the service of its citizens.

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