The Nia blows out its 4 candles


The National Institute of the Arts (NIA) will celebrate its 4th anniversary this Tuesday with a fundraiser to support its dancers, including Marine Caillet who is continuing her training at the Broadway Dance Center in New York. The institute has seen it big: the party will take place in two stages at the Black Box Theater located at the John Larmonie Center. From 18 p.m. to 21 p.m., young people under 14 will be in the spotlight, surrounded by their parents and friends (dress code: blue and white). From 22pm, several artists will mix for “The All White Party” (dress code: white): DJ Big Boss, DJ Maestro, Dj Lil R, and DJ Kimbe. Tickets for this event are available from NIA students or at the John Larmonie Center. _EH


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