How the allowances of elected officials are calculated


In Saint-Martin, the fixing of the compensation of an elected official is framed by the general code of local authorities and the organic law of February 21, 2007. It is for the new territorial council to define within three months after its installation, the amount of monthly allowances for the president, vice-presidents, members of the executive council and ordinary territorial advisers. It must refer to "the salary amount corresponding to the terminal gross index of the state civil service index scale" (index 1022) which was 3 euros on February 870,66, 1. From this amount is calculated the indemnity of a simple territorial adviser, to which an increase is applied for the posts of vice-presidents and members of the executive council. The monthly compensation of a territorial adviser is thus 2017 euros, that of a member of the executive council of 1 euros, that of a vice-president of 935,33 euros. Finally, the president's monthly allowance is 2 euros. The territorial council will vote on the amount of compensation on April 128,63. (More details on

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