The CCISM 2018 budget should be paid by the prefect


The Territorial Chamber of Accounts (CTC) proposed to the prefect to settle the 2018 primitive budget for the Interprofessional Chamber of Saint Martin (CCISM). 

In April 2018, the prefect of Saint-Martin had seized the territorial chamber of accounts so that it noted "the lack of real balance" of the primitive budget of the CCISM 2018. 

After analyzing the accounts, the CTC estimated this real imbalance at 1,15 million euros while the CCISM had voted a budget "with an overall positive result of 8 euros". The CTC therefore asked the board of directors to rectify the budget within one month.

No amending decision having been made and communicated by the CCISM to the territorial chamber of accounts within the allotted time, the latter issued a second opinion in February in order to propose to the prefect to settle the budget. 

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