The art of presence with Ginette Forget


Ginette Forget will host a conference this Wednesday at 20 p.m., at La Plénitude, in Friar's Bay. She is a renowned speaker in the world of personal development, explains Séverine Sannom, president of the Sxm Harmony association. On this occasion, she will present her new book “Holos, the presence in oneself”. “Holos, is a guided visualization that allows us to connect to our placenta”, indicates Ginette Forget on her blog, specifying that she has been practicing it with breathing, her specialty for 30 years. On April 16 and 17, she will also offer an internship on this method at La Plénitude. Registration is required with the association to participate in the conference or the course: 06 90 22 65 10 - 06 90 22 49 99.

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