“Teaching tourism in Saint Martin”: kick-off of the training


The launch of the training course "Teaching tourism in Saint-Martin" took place on Tuesday at the Hôtel de la Collectivité, in the presence in particular of the president of the COM Aline Hanson, the president of the Tourist Office Jeanne Vanderpool -Rogers and the representative of the rector at Saint-Martin Michel Sanz.

25 teachers, all volunteers, will follow this four-day course with the aim of sharing their knowledge with their students. This training is part of the tripartite Collective / National Education / Tourist Office agreement of Saint-Martin, signed in 2013. During this training - held on several sites including the territorial media library and the hotel La Samanna - different themes will be discussed in connection with the history, heritage, economy and environment of our island. “At the rate of 20 students per 4th and 3rd grade in the three colleges, around 150 young people from Saint-Martin have benefited from this training since its inception,” underlined Aline Hanson.

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