BASKETBALL: The referee is long overdue ...


Youth Championship

Like every weekend, a meeting of young people (category U 13) was planned on the Jean-Louis Vanterpool field, last Saturday, between the teams of Lion and Aya Green Hill. Both teams were present except ... the referee!

The match between the young Lion basketball players and Aya Green Hill was therefore scheduled for 16:XNUMX p.m. last Saturday on Jean-Louis Vanterpool pitch.

After a long warm-up period, the two teams were waiting for only one thing: the referee's kick-off. 16:15 p.m., 16:30 p.m., 16:55 p.m.… no one on the horizon!

"Again, not everyone plays the game," railed an educator, before adding "It is a lack of respect for young people and the leaders of each club!" "

Aya Green Hill's coach

was enough to be disappointed

U.S. too ! _AF

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