Operation Sport Ticket: discovering the aquatic environment


Despite the health crisis, the Collectivity of Saint-Martin has decided to maintain its annual “Ticket Sport” operation. A device always very popular with children.

Free this year, the operation supported by the community sports department allows young people aged 7 to 14 who do not have the opportunity to go on vacation to practice various sports activities during the summer. This year, nautical activities have been prioritized.

“Due to covid-19 we were forced to halve the workforce and focus on water activities and individual sports at the expense of contact sports. Young people are very enthusiastic. For some, it is the first time that they have practiced activities such as sailing or kayaking, ”explains Wendy Gumbs, in charge of the operation. Last Friday, 48 of them were able to take advantage of good weather to jump into the water, guided by the instructors of the CVFB, the sailing club of Friar's Bay. The president of the Collectivity Daniel Gibbs and his vice-president Valérie Damaseau had made the trip to show their support for the operation.

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