JUSTICE: Drunk, he loses control of his car with seven passengers on board


A young Peruvian appeared on April 12 in Saint-Martin court for driving under the influence of alcohol and unintentionally injuring the seven passengers in the car in a road accident last July.

To celebrate the eighteenth birthday of one of their friends, eight young people are partying in a nightclub on the Dutch side. They plan to drink alcohol and book a taxi. But when they get out of the box, the taxi is not there. LA then decides to take the wheel. The friends, also drunk, crammed into the small car: two in front of the passenger seat, four in the back seat and the last lying on them. No one has fastened their seat belts. LA is driving too fast and will lose control of the vehicle, which is violently embedded in a low wall.

The deputy prosecutor requested a symbolic sentence of six months suspended prison sentence and a ban on driving on the French side for two years.

The judgment was put under advisement on June 14. Civil interests will be examined at a future hearing. (More details on www.soualigapost.com)


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