Theft from Goldfinger: 15 years in prison for the fourth perpetrator


Thirteen months after the trial of the two Venezuelans and a Saint-Martinois, who had committed the robbery of the Goldfinger jewelry store on October 22, 2014, the fourth individual implicated was sentenced Wednesday evening by the Assize Court of Basse-Terre to a sentence of fifteen years' imprisonment.

Aged XNUMX, he is originally from the Dominican Republic where he was a refugee after the fact. He had been the subject of an international arrest warrant. He had not been able to be tried at the same time as his acolytes because the request for his extradition by France was still pending at that time.

After three days of trial in Guadeloupe, he was found guilty of aggravated kidnapping, armed robbery and association of criminals. He had taken the store manager hostage and held him cheek with a weapon when the gendarmes had managed to enter the establishment. He then fled at the time of the shooting at the Fort Louis marina.


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