Eight months in prison, including four suspended sentences for opposing a police check and detaining cannabis


The information had discreetly circulated on social networks at the beginning of the week but had not spread further, RF, the young man on the right in the famous photo with Emmanuel Macron, was arrested by the gendarmes in possession of bags of cannabis herb in Saint-Martin last Friday. He was presented before the criminal court of Saint-Martin on Wednesday morning according to the procedure for immediate appearance. He is accused at RF of having been in possession of 25 plastic bags containing cannabis (20,35 grams), 0,62 grams of ecstasy, of having opposed violent resistance to two gendarmes as well as the facts of violence on gendarmes.

After having deliberated on it, the court acquitted RF of the acts of violence against the gendarmes but sentenced him for the others to a sentence of eight months in prison, four of which were suspended for eighteen months including the obligation to justify his domicile, to work or to follow a job and to compensate the victim up to 200 euros. (source: www.soualigapost.com).

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