Eight months in prison for acts of violence and possession of weapons


A 32-year-old Saint-Martinois, SI, was brought before the criminal court on Wednesday.

The victim, EN, reports being assaulted twice. The first time, on January 16, SI, would have threatened her with an ashtray following an altercation about the rent, EN no longer paying it since 2016 to SI. Two days later, SI allegedly “whipped him with a tree branch”.

The defendant says that everything happened on January 18. EN came towards him with an iron bar and to defend himself, he took a tree branch which he then threw and it fell on EN's back. Then, his wife took a kitchen knife and SI grabbed an ashtray in case she came to him.

As part of the investigation, a search was carried out at SI's home and several category B weapons subject to authorization to detain them, or SI does not have one. He justified himself by saying that the weapons belonged to his father who had been the chief of the territorial police.

After deliberation, the court followed the requisitions of the prosecution and sentenced the individual to a sentence of eight months in prison, a ban on possessing a weapon subject to authorization for a period of five years, the confiscation of the weapons found and a ban on contacting the victim. He also received the civil action from the victim and ordered SI to pay him 100 euros in damages; she asked for 1 euros.

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