Irma / Enedis electricians on a mission to Saint-Martin: "A hell of an experience"!


Bruno Goureau usually works in Langon, south of Bordeaux. He is currently on a mission in Saint-Martin devastated by Hurricane Irma and tells what he saw there.

Nearly 150 technicians from Enedis, ex-ERDF, including several Girondins are currently in Saint-Martin to supply the inhabitants with electricity after the ravages of Hurricane Irma. Among them Bruno Goureau, in charge of the intervention service on the Enedis network. He usually works in Langon. He has been there for more than three weeks. "Everything was devastated," he confirms. Our main mission was refueling. Out of approximately 18 homes, electricity was returned to 000. We came with a little equipment, but it was insufficient. We have equipment that arrives as we go along. It is sometimes a bit blocking but we are progressing little by little. We also see that life begins again. When you come home in the evening, after dark, you realize that there is more and more lighting in cities. It is heartwarming".

"In Metropolitan France, we get teased for the slightest cut"

Bruno Goureau works in difficult conditions, in an attempt to restore electricity to homes. He was truly marked by the reception of the population. "I'm really impressed with the ability of people to get up," he continues. I don't know if people in Metropolitan France would have the same behavior. Here they remain placid, kind, patient. It's a hell of an experience with people here and with colleagues. We are far from life in Metropolitan France where, sometimes, we are teased for the slightest power outage. Here we see people who have sometimes been cut off for a month and who remain patient and happy when they see us. It puts things into perspective. ” Bruno Goureau's mission will end at the end of the week. As of last Tuesday, a new team from Enedis Gironde took off to take over with more than 100 kilos of equipment. _AF

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