URBAN PLANNING: Expropriation for major natural risk: the procedure


A new hazard map will be redefined, said the inter-ministerial delegate for reconstruction. Areas will now be exposed to risks of flooding, marine submersion when they were not there before. Local residents could be expropriated. Zoom on the principles of the expropriation procedure for major natural risk.

Like a traditional procedure of expropriation for reasons of public utility, that for major natural risk includes a contradictory public inquiry led by a commissioner-investigator. Citizens can thus share their observations.

Note that the public inquiry file must present a risk analysis "describing the natural phenomena to which the properties are exposed, and making it possible to assess the importance and gravity of the threat they present to human lives" and also making it possible “to verify that the other possible means of safeguarding and protecting populations prove to be more costly than compensation for expropriation” according to article R. 561-2 of the environment code.

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