Northern Islands: The Government announces a series of measures to revive economic activity!


At the end of the 3rd interdepartmental committee meeting, last Wednesday, in Matignon, in the presence of the presidents of the communities of Saint-Martin and Saint-Barthélemy, the overseas ministry announced a series of economic measures to help the companies affected after the passage of Hurricane Irma, such as short-time working and financial aid.

Aid for restarting disaster-stricken businesses, prepaid financial aid cards for disadvantaged populations, partial unemployment measures: the government presented on Wednesday, emergency measures for the resumption of economic activity in Saint Martin and the sister island of Saint-Barthélemy.

388 companies in Saint-Martin asked for partial unemployment measures for 2.346 employees (out of a total of around 7.000), and 410 companies in Saint-Barthélemy did the same for 2.161 employees, said Philippe Gustin, interministerial delegate in charge of reconstruction.

We will come back in more detail to the various emergency measures taken by the Government in our Monday edition. _AF

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