Installation of the Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies of St Martin!


On June 2, the first Board of Directors of the Territorial Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies of Saint-Martin (ITSEE) met, chaired by the oldest member, the 2th Vice President Bernadette Davis.

At the end of the 1st ballot, unanimously by the voters, Mr. 1st Vice-President Alain Richardson was elected Chairman of the ITSEE Board of Directors.

The president of the CESC, Ida Zin Ka Ieu, represents the CESC on the ITSEE Board of Directors, she was elected Vice-president of the Board of Directors.

Chairman Richardson expressed his sincere thanks to each of the Board members for their trust and support. He also made a point of warmly thanking the President of the Collectivité Louis Mussington and all the territorial councilors for their commitment to the creation of the institute.

According to President Richardson, “ITSEE has a vital role to play in the economic development of our territory. In addition to providing precise data on the state of the various economic sectors, monitoring trends and developments, he will also have to assume a strategic role in the definition and implementation of public policies adapted to the needs of the population and the context. local economy, society and culture.

President Richardson is keen to make the ITSEE "a key player in terms of analysis and statistics in all areas, but also a real driver of socio-economic development for our territory".

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