Great national debate: a territorial conference with volunteer citizens


The Great National Debate launched in mid-January by the government has entered its second phase. This consists of regional citizens' conferences which bring together citizens in the form of workshops drawn by lot. 

In Saint-Martin, the prefecture had launched a call for candidates. Sixteen people answered the call, and six of them were drawn at the prefecture last Friday: Frédérique Heïdi Porier and Michael Taylor for Grand Case, Nadine Samantha Griffiths and Didier Bouillon for Saint-James, Maryse Lafleur and Jérémy Gumbs for Quartier d'Orléans.

These citizens were gathered this Tuesday, March 19 at the CCISM to debate on the four themes of the great national debate during a territorial conference: taxation and public spending, the organization of public services, the ecological transition, democracy and the citizenship. “Even if we are from different cultural and political families I really felt a respectful debate. We are all a little on the same wavelength because we have the same objective: to live well in Saint-Martin ”declared during a press point in the early afternoon Maryse Lafleur.

Stéphanie Le Gagne, head of the security service, assistant to the director of the prefect's cabinet, who coordinated and moderated this debate, is responsible for reporting on this exchange. 

The prefect announced that the same operation was going to be set up with young people.

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