TRAINING: The Collectivity of St-Martin present at the 18th Winter University of Professional Training, in Cannes


The Collectivity of Saint-Martin took part in the 18th Winter university for vocational training, from January 24 to 27, 2023, at the Palais des festivals in Cannes.

This annual event helps to understand the current challenges of vocational training for Overseas Communities and to take stock of three years of application of the law of September 5, 2018. Present at this major event: elected officials and representatives of Overseas Communities, as well as partners working in our territories, where the issue of vocational training is particularly significant. Dominique Démocrite Louisy, 3rd Vice-President in charge of Human Development, went to the site accompanied by a delegation of technicians.


The Collectivity of Saint-Martin intervened on several themes

Démocrite Louisy first participated in the round table entitled: “Three years after the law, what training strategy in the overseas territories? ". An opportunity to present the new training strategy implemented by the Collectivity of Saint-Martin, which is currently working on the new contract plan for vocational training 2023-2028, by identifying the training choices necessary for the local economic fabric.

The challenge today lies in the approach of local authorities to vocational training. It is a question of meeting professionals to stick as closely as possible to the realities on the ground and to offer training that is really useful for the socio-economic development of the territory.

In view of the needs expressed, the Collectivity of Saint-Martin has planned to strengthen qualifying training and relieve the professions under pressure, such as those in health, social, digital and innovation or even construction.

The Collectivity is also mobilizing so that the decision-making bodies (CEFOP, CARIOTEF) are quickly activated, in order to respond effectively to the needs expressed by socio-professionals and citizens looking for training and employment.

As the vice-president underlined, "the Collectivity will not hesitate to seek engineering from state bodies and the Guadeloupe Region with the aim of strengthening its technical expertise to better support its new systems".

This event also made it possible to exchange practices and share new methods of implementing systems in the overseas territories (learning, regional investment pacts in skills, quality, etc.). Secondly, Jessy Thénard, in charge of apprenticeship and vocational training missions with the DGS of the Collectivity, intervened on the round table entitled "Orientation and entry into the professional path", while Fabiola Rioual, head of the PUIC project within of the Collectivity, took part in the round table "Fight against illiteracy and illiteracy and care for vulnerable populations".

In addition, Paul Dollin, Deputy Director General of the Delegation for Human Development, participated in the workshop entitled "Europe of training at the heart of transitions, 2023" and in the workshop "The European Year of Skills" . The objective is to give new impetus to lifelong learning by taking into account the needs linked to ecological and digital transitions.

Finally, Antonin Galaya, project manager with the DGS, took part in the workshop “Digital transitions: combating illiteracy”.

A strong presence of the Collectivity of Saint-Martin, which places its 2023-2028 Vocational Training Plan Contract at the center of its priorities, with the aim of providing concrete solutions for professionalization and access to employment in Saint-Martin Martinois. This immersion in the heart of the challenges of vocational training was also an opportunity to draw inspiration from positive feedback and identify pitfalls not to be repeated.

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