TRAINING: Six RSMA volunteers on an educational project in Saint-Martin


During a press briefing organized  Last Thursday, February 2 at the premises of the Prefecture, Colonel Philippe Outtier and Vincent Berton, delegate prefect of the Northern Islands, presented the educational project set up in Quartier d'Orléans, recalling the range of training offered by the Régiment du Guadeloupe Adapted Military Service.

Shortly before the intervention of the officials, the press was able to discuss with Garette Robinson, a 22-year-old Saint-Martin resident living in Marigot, a volunteer on the educational site which followed, from January 2022 to January 2023, the road vehicle operator sector (public works) allowing him to obtain his Certificate of Aptitude for Safe Driving (CACES), his first aid certificate, as well as his license (the RSMA has a 70% success rate for the code thanks to appropriate training then that the general failure rate in Saint-Martin reaches 80%). During his year of training at the RSMA in Guadeloupe, which he considers to be “a plus” in his career, Garette reinforced his desire to return to his country to work in the public works sector. As a continuation of this year of training, Garette joined five other Guadeloupe volunteers and three professional construction managers in the Quartier d'Orléans sector for clearing the border area which began on January 30 and which runs until to February 10.

For this site, the volunteers and their managers use two hydraulic excavators, a compact loader truck, a 3T5 truck for the evacuation of waste as well as small equipment. The volunteers thus have the possibility of applying in a concrete way the skills acquired during their training. The RSMA has had close ties with the island of Saint-Martin for 62 years. A relationship hailed by Vincent Berton: "I believe in the added value provided by the RSMA in this territory vis-à-vis a young population confronted with situations of failure, school failure in particular, which are detrimental to self-esteem and generate complicated beginnings in adult life. The RSMA is an outstretched hand for young people having difficulty finding work to regain their self-confidence”. 4.000 young people from Saint-Martin are currently without employment or training, a situation which is, for the politician, considered unacceptable for the maintenance of social cohesion. For Colonel Outtier, the missions of the RSMA focus on the training and integration of young people from Saint-Martin by participating occasionally in the development of the territory. Garette Robinson can be proud to be part of the 80% success rate of the RSMA, but above all proud of himself._Vx

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