EDUCATION: What the MJP expects from the creation of the post of vice-rector in Saint-Martin


Louis Mussington and Bernadette Davis, members of the MJP, held a press conference Tuesday morning to discuss several current issues, including the consequences of the recent creation of a post of vice-rector.

“It's one more nomination, I'm not impressed. (…) The post of vice-rector is an administrative post like any other ”, declared during a press conference on Tuesday morning;  Louis Mussington, the leader of the Movement for Justice and Prosperty (MJP), who does not criticize the appointment of Michel Sanz but is doubtful about the interest of the position in itself. "What interests me is above all to see what financial resources will be allocated to this position to allow the implementation of innovative actions to reduce academic failure and improve academic results", he clarified. "Me, I want that in ten years, we will be young Saint-Martinois who are managers, engineers or teachers, trained and who come back to work on the island," he continued.

Louis Mussington is waiting to know "the roadmap and the directives" which will be given to Michel Sanz and "hopes that autonomy will be granted to him so that he can set up innovative actions in favor of education". And by innovative action, Louis Mussington intends to develop bilingualism. "Today we are told that there are more than 500 students involved in bilingual education, but this is false since there are only three teachers involved [including his brother]", comments t -he. (


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