School complex: open letter from parents of students "Without Etiquette" about dysfunctions within the school


Several subjects and dysfunctions within the Cité Scolaire establishment lead us to share with all our concerns and even our anger:


We were amazed to learn of the cancellation of the “Open School” system which was planned and programmed for high school students during the February holidays. This device had been presented to us by the management of the establishment a few weeks ago in response to the statement of our concerns about the ALARMING QUANTITY OF HOURS OF COURSE NOT EXEMPTED on the first term and the difficulties encountered by many of the students. The reason mentioned for this cancellation is the non-receipt of the notification from the Rectorate services of the amount in HSE and in operating budget. Neither the Rectorate nor the management of the establishment assumes responsibility for it, and neither the pupils nor the parents have been officially informed of this cancellation. And in the end, who once again suffers from the shortcomings of the administrations? STUDENTS. Who once again has this feeling of LACK OF CONSIDERATION, broken promises? STUDENTS.


We are still without news of the modulars which were to be set up within the School City to make up for the lack of classes and this despite many reminders. The problem persists and the current state of the establishment still does not allow students and teaching professionals to be accommodated in acceptable conditions. Not to mention the unsanitary conditions of the Algecos located at the end of the playground! THESE ROOMS ARE ESSENTIAL : the construction of the new college which was planned for 2021 seems to be having trouble starting. When it begins, if it begins, it will take at least two years for its completion.



The students' feedback on the conditions in which the E3Cs add more to our anger. The students had to take language tests (30 min of listening and listening comprehension followed by 30 min of writing) with audio equipment sometimes defective and in the hubbub of a high school which continues to function normally, with pupils windows, etc ... Two hours of sport before a two-hour history test for some, are they in the same conditions of concentration as the others? Remember that continuous monitoring will count as 40% OF THE FINAL SCORE. Could we not have considered reserving a top floor, a wing, in any case reducing passages and noise in front of the examination rooms?



Here are a few examples of a major and recurring communication problem within the Lycée Robert Weinum: - Saturday 15th, without any communication, the school is closed. The Carnival holidays are announced by the official calendar from February 16 to March 1 inclusive. The children and their teachers were asked to return to their homes. This is not a first, since the same type of problem (students and teachers who move to arrive in front of a closed high school) had already taken place and had already been the subject of a promise of better communication on the part of administration. - The cancellation of the "open school" system, without officially informing the pupils or the parents, neither by pronote, nor by SMS, nor by email.



What place does school and education have in the eyes of the people who are responsible for it? How are students considered to the point that it is not deemed necessary to inform them of organizational changes that directly affect them, that they are not provided with the hours of instruction to which they are entitled or the minimum working conditions in everyday life, or the calm necessary for passing a baccalaureate test? Modeling is one of the key points of education: RESPECT OUR CHILDREN AND THEY WILL RESPECT THE FUNDAMENTAL VALUES OF EDUCATION, TEACHING AND LEARNING.

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