Camille Galap: "The challenges to be met are many, but exhilarating"


Yesterday, the rector of the Academy of Guadeloupe Camille Galap presented his wishes 2016 to the cultural center of Sandy Ground, just before the kick-off of the days of reflection on the theme of illiteracy in Saint-Martin and Saint-Barthélemy . The specificities of the Northern Islands held an important place in the address of the rector.

After a brief summary of the 2015 projects in pictures, the rector addressed the main projects of 2016, which will achieve "the republican ideal of a fairer and more caring school", in the presence of many guests including the president of the Collectivity Aline Hanson, the prefect Anne Laubies, the senator Guillaume Arnell, the principal of the school town Frantz Gumbs and the representative of the rector in the Northern Islands Michel Sanz.

The academy project is "well underway" and will, according to the rector, act more on student results, "taking into account the specificities of the two territories". Another major initiative: the implementation of the college reform "which we will continue to support". Camille Galap then spoke about the new academic organization, specifying that Serge Grévoul, deputy secretary general at the Montpellier academy, is expected from February 1 at the Guadeloupe academy. Regarding the implementation of the language map, this must "promote openness to the world and the pursuit of studies". The objective is to "deploy an ambitious language policy, unique in the national territory". The fight against dropping out of school and illiteracy, and the right to return to training constitute in particular "a major axis of academic policy". According to his remarks, the generalization of the schooling of children under three years of age is a project which is part of a global policy of early childhood in connection with the reduction of unemployment of young mothers.

Specificities taken into account

The first priority for the rector is the improvement of academic results, particularly in the area of ​​language proficiency. “It is advisable to set up specific actions which take into account the reality of these two territories. "Multilingualism is one of the first challenges to be met" in particular for teachers whose teaching practices must evolve, training must be reinforced, in particular in French as a foreign language ".

The second reality for the rector is "the incredible heterogeneity of the students, this involves the training of all the personnel concerned, but also by the creation of structures". Finally, the third reality is geographic since the academy is far away, which can create "strong disparities". These specificities lead "to decline the academic project in a particular way while remaining within the general framework". The Kids On clip on the walls was then screened at the end of his speech.


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