Education: Allocation of student mobility aid for 2019-2020


The Collectivity of Saint-Martin makes it a point of honor to support the mobility of Saint-Martin students, who go to train outside the territory. Thus, as part of the mobility aid for the 2019 and 2020 financial years, funded with the contribution of the European Union through the European Social Fund (ESF), the Community was able to provide assistance to 351 students. 

In total, the sum of € 748 has been released for this support for young people. 400 pupils benefited from study aid at the BAC + 253 and BAC + 1 level for a total amount of € 2, 447 students at the Bac + 000 License level for an amount of € 36, including € 3 through the incentive grant, 99 students at Master I level for an amount of € 000, including € 75 through the incentive grant, 000 students at Master II level for an overall amount of € 32, including € 104 through the grant incentive. Note that 400 nursing students also benefited from individual aid for a total amount of € 86. The ESF subsidizes 400% of this scheme, ie € 22. The Collectivity abounds the device to the tune of € 84.


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