Economy: A small step, for Saint-Martin, but a breath of cash flow for companies


FIPCOM / MEDEF is proud to announce that it has participated in regulatory changes, particularly for its territory, but also for the overseas departments, and the community of Saint-Barthélemy.

The stake may seem insignificant and yet, it will allow businesses in the area to be able to envisage a “breath” of cash flow.

Article 65 of the Amending Finance Law 3 of July 30, 2020 had in particular provided for the possibility for employers and self-employed workers, who had, with authorization from the CGSS, suspended their debts with the social security body between March and June 2020 (for employers) and between March and October 2020 (for self-employed workers), to be able to conclude a plan to spread the social debt, known as COVID-19 Plans. 

It should be noted that the COVID19 debt clearance plans, as provided for by article 65 of the LFR3 of July 30, 2020 could not be concluded over more than 3 years (whether in social or fiscal matters).

FIPCOM / MEDEF expressed concern with FEDOM in Paris, noting that the situation in the territory, after cyclone IRMA, had led to the proposal of debt relief plans over 5 years, and that therefore, new debt relief plans concluded over 3 years could be difficult to manage.

FEDOM reacted immediately and worked with Parliamentarians to propose an extension of the durations of the debt clearance plans to 5 years. The government issued a decree n ° 2021-316 of March 25, 2021 providing that the duration of the Social Debt Clearance Plans could be extended up to 5 years for only employers established in the communities of Saint-Martin and de Saint-Barthélemy, already beneficiaries of an IRMA clearance plan.

Faced with a situation that remained insufficient, the FEDOM therefore continued its action to obtain the extension of the scope of contributors concerned by the extension of the duration of the COVID19 debt clearance plans. 2

By decree n ° 2021-1579 of December 6, 2021, FIPCOM / MEDEF is pleased to be able to announce that FEDOM has achieved the desired objectives.

Henceforth, employers, self-employed workers and non-salaried agricultural workers in the departments and communities of Guadeloupe, Guyana, Martinique, Mayotte, Réunion, Saint-Barthélemy and Saint-Martin, will be able to benefit a debt clearance plan of up to 5 years, without condition for Saint-Martin to have signed an IRMA Plan beforehand.

However, it should be noted that the contributions entering into the social debt clearance plans are those due after March 2020, and only for the months in which the CGSS authorized a suspension of payment, including during 2021.

In the end, we must salute, a small step, which took many months, but which will certainly bring a “breath of cash flow” for a large part of the companies in the targeted territories.

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