Grounding of the Yacht Hop at Nestlé Bay: Residents overwhelmed by the noise and smells of fuel oil!


Residents of Nettle Bay Garden are very worried after the failed attempts to ground the Yacht Hop ship.

To date, no official information has been communicated to the residents of the Nettlé Bay Garden residence, the ship having come dangerously close to the beach at the level of the rock dike.

"With the heavy swell of the past few days, the boat has turned slightly towards the beach," underlines Dominique, resident at the Jardin de la Baie Nettlé. “The situation is becoming worrying. The ship strikes harder and harder against the rocks. The noise is hellish day and night. To top it off, the smell of fuel oil can be felt from the boat. It is really time that the authorities find an effective solution to tow this ship! " _AF


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