Chess: Avalon Washington, brilliant winner of the tournament at Bistro de la Mer 


A new chess tournament was recently organized at Bistro de la Mer, in Marigot. Once again, Avalon Washington confirmed his favorite status.

Avalon Washington won the superb award for the OCEAN 82 restaurant in Grand-Case. The other players shared the prizes offered by Super U, Mc Donald's, Timeless Spirits,  Kaloa Distribution, Heineken and the Tobacco Shop. 

Ranking :

1.Avalon Washington  (Philipsburg) 8 points 

2. Jef Follner (Lands  Bass) 6,26

3. Yashwant Vaswani (Cupecoy) 6,24

4. Jules Richinsin (Orleans district) 5

5. Jérémie Picarle (Concordia) 4,21

6. Miguel Destin (Mont Vernon) 4,20

7. Jesse Visser (Holland)

8. Ian Lockhon (Philipsburg)

9. Jean-Christ Delogu (Galisbay)

10. Michael Gardner (Philipsburg)


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