Digital delinquency: The Saint-Martin / St-Barthélemy gendarmerie company calls for vigilance regarding the risks of cyberattacks


The global health crisis situation linked to COVID-19 is proving to be a favorable breeding ground for cybercriminals seeking to profit from the functioning in degraded mode of the digital world and / or from strong economic activity in certain sectors.

The Guadeloupe gendarmerie was very recently seized with incidents of RANÇONGICIELS CYBER ATTACKS having had very harmful consequences for the entities targeted by the criminals.

The problems encountered by small and medium-sized enterprises for the security of their information systems are numerous: protection of customer files, personal data and technological know-how, security of production systems, etc. , every day, to new risks threatening their integrity, their image and their competitiveness: data theft, financial scams, sabotage of e-commerce sites.

In view of this observation, traders, business leaders, administrations, must be made aware of and be more vigilant about the security measures implemented to protect themselves from such acts.

Two institutional sites allow you to obtain information on securing IT systems:…/guide-des-bonnes-pratiques…/

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