Gendarmerie: Message of vigilance against burglaries!


For several weeks, the Gendarmerie de Saint-Martin units have noticed an upsurge in burglaries committed without break-in in private homes.

Some tips can help you better protect your home:

- Close and lock your home even if you are only away for a few moments.

- Equip your door with a reliable closing system, a means of control (eyecup), a guard.

- Do not leave your keys under the doormat, in the letter box, in the flowerpot…. Rather entrust them to a trusted person.

- Do not leave large sums of money, gold or jewelry at home.

- Do not write your names and addresses on your keyring

- Do not leave a ladder, tools, scaffolding in the garden; they offer means of entering your home.

- Do not leave valuables visible through windows.

- In case of absence, ask your entourage, your neighbors.

- Report your extended absences to the Gendarmerie Brigade: Operation tranquility holidays

- Detect burglars (Foreign presence in your neighborhood, read vehicle license plates, etc.)

- Protect your home: protect your windows and openings with shutters, grilles, bars. The bay windows can be reinforced.

- any passive protection device (light spot, sound alarm, video protection) is useful.

- If you are the victim of a burglary, do not touch anything: dial 17

Citizen vigilance and respect for these few common sense rules will be able to stem this phenomenon.

Stay alert and do not hesitate to report any suspicious facts to the Gendarmerie.

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