MICRO-TROTTOIR: “What would you like to read in the Faxinfo? "


“No more reports on Saint-Martin, and local life, when you take portraits for example. Even if we know our island, I'm always interested in learning new things about such and such a place or such person, whether it's on the French side or the Dutch side, you shouldn't limit yourself. In the family, we have always read Faxinfo, it has become a habit without being a routine, but when there are new sections, it's always good. In any case, keep it up! " Maina






“I often seek information on associative life, on associations of all categories, not just sports. We often read reports on the activities or actions of associations when they have already taken place, it would be interesting to write articles that announce associative events more often, to make it a sort of agenda while continuing to develop. 'write about those that took place. Like a before to warn us if we want to go and an after to make us jealous if we ever missed it. " Nils




“I really like micro-sidewalks, there have been more of them lately and this is often what I read first. And friends too, we often talk about it among us. It is often believed that the young people of Saint-Martin do not read the newspapers and this is not true. Perhaps we should make a micro-sidewalk by asking people which micro-sidewalk question they would like to answer… here I have given you an idea for the next one! " Gabriel


The idea was already germinating in our minds and as Gabriel suggested so well, we will not fail to take the pulse of the Saint-Martin population in matters and through micro-sidewalks to probe their desires and opinions, in take good note with a view to perfecting our journalistic content, and getting a little closer to her on the ground, therefore getting closer to you. Thank you to those who have already participated and thank you in advance to the others who will agree to play the game. _VX

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