Covid-19: The circulation of the virus seems to stabilize in part French


The last health bulletin from October 12 to 18 reports 37 new active cases identified in part French. This brings to 538 the number of cumulative cases of coronavirus confirmed by PCR test since the start of the pandemic.


“The Louis-Constant Fleming Hospital is still very mobilized for the management of the crisis. Hospital activity intensified this week ", underlines the Prefecture, before adding" The number of hospitalizations in medicine increased this week to reach 13 people in the Covid unit.

As of October 18, only 6 patients were present. Two additional medical evacuations were carried out from October 12 to 18 to the CHU Guadeloupe and the CHU Martinique, bringing the total number of people hospitalized to 12.

In addition, in Saint-Martin, 271 additional tests were carried out in the laboratory and at the hospital, with a total number of 6072 tests recorded.

The drive is operational at the Louis Constant Fleming hospital in Saint-Martin, (from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m.) with a capacity of 50 samples / day.

Strengthen early detection positive cases

"The level of viral circulation seems to stabilize in Saint-Martin", notes the health authorities. “The situation remains sensitive, however, as the number of people hospitalized has seen a sharp increase.

We must strengthen the early detection of positive cases, make contact tracing, enforce isolation when necessary to avoid the installation of transmission chains and the development of sources of contamination. 1 high criticality cluster is still under investigation in St-Martin.

The virus is transmitted very often in the private sphere (family events) or the professional sphere (at your workplace).

Our seniors are particularly affected by severe forms of the disease. Let us all be particularly vigilant when we visit them, whether at their home, or in EHPADs.

The fragile people, often carriers of chronic diseases, must imperatively protect themselves thanks to the barrier gestures but also by refusing the physical contacts (hugs, braces…). In the event of symptoms, these people are invited to contact their doctor at the first signs ”.

Monitoring of indicators

The ARS vigilantly monitors the indicators set up for the monitoring of deconfinement:

-The incidence rate which measures the number of people positive for Covid-19 per 100 inhabitants over a period of one week. Two thresholds are set, a vigilance threshold of 000/10 100 inhabitants and an alert threshold of 000/50 100 inhabitants. A high incidence rate reflects the development of clusters or active viral circulation.

-The positivity rate which measures the number of people positive for Covid-19 / the number of tests carried out over a week. Two thresholds are set, a vigilance threshold at 5% and an alert threshold at 10%.

In Saint-Martin, the incidence rate has fallen from 181,84 / 100 inhabitants to 000 / 103,51. It is clearly above the alert threshold.

The positivity rate over the past week has decreased compared to last week: it is 12,01%, (18,62% last week).

Thus, these two indicators are evolving favorably but should not prevent the maintenance of the vigilance of each one because they remain largely above the thresholds of alert.  _AF


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