If respect for confinement is essential in the fight against the Coronavirus pandemic, the Regional Health Agency wishes to alert to the resurgence of domestic accidents that we have observed for several days. Last Tuesday, a little girl was notably just saved from drowning in a private pool in Guadeloupe.

Every year in France, everyday accidents affect more than 11 million people and kill 20. Among them, domestic accidents are the leading cause of death among young children.

However, the current period of confinement increases the time spent at home and the risks associated with daily accidents, all the more for young children.

The National Academy of Medicine recalls the basic precautions to be reinforced during confinement:

- Maintain permanent supervision by an adult, never by another child. It must be ensured that awake and mobile children from 1 to 6 years old never remain alone, especially when the parents are absorbed by telework;

- Avoid drowning by never leaving a child unattended near a swimming pool and a child under 3 years alone in his bath;

- Make dangerous products and medicines inaccessible, at height and, if necessary, locked up: household products, bleach, all medicines, in particular paracetamol, and hydro-alcoholic solutes;

- Avoid false routes: aperitif peanuts, dangerous toys, etc. ;

- Avoid burns by keeping children away from hotplates and heating materials (oven, microwave, iron, etc.);

- Avoid electrocution by using socket covers and keeping cables and power strips out of reach;

- Prevent falls by always standing next to the changing table, securing high chairs, installing a barrier for internal stairs;

- Avoid defenestrations by never leaving a child alone at a window or on a balcony, and by removing any object that would allow him to hoist himself up to see better.

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