PRESS RELEASE / Water restriction: the ASL des Résidences de la Baie Oriente responds to the SAUR


A few press articles relayed the announcement, made by the SAUR, of restrictive measures in terms of water distribution undertaken with regard to the ASL BO, seeking to impute to the latter the responsibility for the leaks caused by the the supply network and which would penalize all the other sectors of the island.

We would like to point out that proceedings are currently pending before the competent jurisdictions and which will make it possible in particular to determine responsibilities, and to specify the role and content of each party's obligations, with regard to the maintenance and repair of the network.

Moreover, it is reported that these leaks would contribute to increasing the debt of the ASL BO, which would allegedly amount to 2.8 million euros, and which would affect the investment capacities of the EEASM which, on this amount is the collector of the various taxes chargeable to the public water service.

Such claims are totally wrong. With due respect to SAUR, it should be recalled that under the terms of a judgment rendered on July 23, 2021, which is currently the subject of an appeal procedure pending before the Court of Appeal of VERSAILLES, the Commercial Court of Nanterre considered that the bills allegedly issued for the water consumption of ASL BO were null and void.

The information communicated to the press by SAUR is therefore totally inaccurate, and the restrictive measures undertaken by SAUR could well consist of pure retaliatory measures.

Moreover, these measures are themselves harmful because they cause, each time the supply is resumed, sudden "water hammer" likely to generate ruptures in the pipes causing new leaks.

Finally, SAUR, which would like to set itself up as the perfect regulator of fair distribution that meets environmental and health issues, cannot pretend to ignore that the water distributed, and billed in due time, at particularly prohibitive rates, is has proven to be unfit for consumption due to a particularly high bromate content which is harmful to health.

It is regrettable that LA SAUR does not report all the elements that would make it possible, in complete transparency, to usefully inform users of the current situation.


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