CARE unit: A system to support businesses in the area


During the weekly news update of the Collectivity which took place last Thursday, July 2, President Daniel Gibbs wished to remind local entrepreneurs that the COM has set up the CARE Unit (Support Unit for the Regularization of Companies).

"It is a project that we had initiated before the Coronavirus crisis, to support our companies in a general process of regularization and which is today, in view of the economic crisis we are going through, an urgent necessity", specifies Daniel Gibbs before adding: “The CCISM is our partner on this device. Its mission will be to provide logistical assistance to companies in their regularization process and we will work with our institutional partners for the establishment of moratoria and access to targeted assistance according to the systems in force.

We have set up a specific email address:

Business leaders wishing to receive this general support are invited to register now at this address.

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