Baccalaureate 2020 results: it's the big day!


It is not an ordinary baccalaureate. Because of the health crisis, no test at the end of the school year but continuous monitoring over the first two terms. Nevertheless,  this Tuesday, July 7, the final results will be known.

For this baccalaureate 2020, there will probably not be much outpouring, no hugging, few tears to dry, no cry of despair or exclamation of joy… In any case, much less than habit. Due to the Covid-19 health crisis, the end-of-year tests have been canceled and replaced by the grades obtained in continuous assessment. Many are already fixed on their fate.

The candidates took out their calculator to assess their luck, or to validate a certainty: the averages of the first two trimesters, multiplied by the coefficient of each subject. These averages obtained are rounded up. Do not forget to enter the marks for the first class advance exams.

Note that a jury has been working since June 22 on the harmonization of grades. For this, several criteria are studied:

• The candidate's notes

• His attendance

• The teachers' assessments

• The success rate of the establishment in the previous 3 years

• The rate of mentions obtained in the establishment in the previous 3 years

At the end of the deliberations, which ended yesterday, the jury may decide to revalue certain notes. What is at stake for certain candidates is obtaining the diploma, access to the oral catch-up or the mention.

With an average at least equal to 8/20 and less than 10/20: the candidate is summoned to catch up between 8 and 10 July. He then takes an oral test in two compulsory courses of his choice.   

For the lucky ones:

• average equal to or greater than 10 and less than 12: the bin without mention is already there!

• average equal to or greater than 12 and less than 14: mention well enough, you don't sulk about your pleasure

• average equal to or greater than 14, and less than 16: mention bien, c'est bien…

• average equal to or greater than 16: mention very well, well done!

Welcoming students today at the Cité Scolaire

ES terminal: 14 p.m. - 14 p.m.

L and STI2D: 14:30 p.m. - 15 p.m.

S: 15:15:30 p.m.

STMG: 15 p.m. - 30 p.m.

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