Bernadette Davis invites Saint-Martin residents to be vaccinated against Covid-19


Territorial councilor Bernadette Davis took advantage of various questions at the end of the plenary session of the territorial council yesterday, to encourage the Saint-Martinois to go to be vaccinated.

“Leave conspiracies aside and do your duty as a citizen, get vaccinated. Think first of Saint-Martin, ”declared the elected official who believes that the vaccination campaign is one of the keys to economic recovery. And to specify that she will receive her second dose on June 7.

The president of the Collectivity also pleads for "mass vaccination" and encourages "those who still hesitate". "If you don't trust the government, whatever it is, trust the science," he insisted. At the start of the session, Daniel Gibbs recalled the consequences of the health crisis and the measures to curb the circulation of the virus, on the economy and the labor market of Saint-Martin. "I believe in vaccination because it is the best way today for Saint-Martinoises and Saint-Martinois to get out of this crisis which has literally been rotting our lives for over a year," he said. entrusts. (

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