Baccalaureate 2019: First round results down since 2016


• General and technological bac

The success rate in the first round of the general and technological bac is better than last year: 60% of the candidates had it against less than half last year (48%). However, it is much lower than the rate in previous years.

Compared to 2016, where the number of registrants is almost similar (243 this year and 238 in 2016), the achievement gap is 12 points: 28 more students had passed the exam in the first round in 2016.

The drop in the success rate is notably attributable to the results of the general series (ES, S and L), down since 2016.


• General bac

This year, 93 high school students out of 161 had their general baccalaureate in the first round, ie 58% against 63% in 2017 or 72% in 2016. Last year, the success rate was 45%.

It is in the literary series where the success rate is the worst with 49% of pupils received in the first round, or 35. In 2017 and 2016, more than three-quarters had been.

In the scientific series, the success rate is higher with seven out of 10 young people who were admitted to the first, as in 2017. However, in 2016, nine out of ten had passed the bac in the first round.

In the social economic series, just over half of the candidates were admitted (53%) compared to 67% in 2016 and 47% in 2017.

Note that the number of students taking the general bac in Saint-Martin in 2019 is slightly lower than in 2016 (161 this year against 179 in 2016) but much higher than 2017 (126) or 2018 (135).


• Technology bin

Two thirds of the 82 students taking the techno bac had it in the first round. This is three points better than in 2016 and ten more than in 2018. For three years, the success rate has increased.

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