During an argument, he “boxed” his wife


Why did this man violently hit or "box" his partner to use the terms of the court, that night? To this question, the judges tried to find an answer during the investigation of this case of domestic violence in a collegial hearing Wednesday morning.

The events took place on the night of April 22 to 23, last year. Shortly after midnight, the gendarmes intervene at the home of a couple at Anse Marcel, the woman has just called them in tears. She has just been beaten. Suitcase under her arm, she leaves home and goes to find refuge with her daughter. The man was taken into custody several hours later.

On April 22, FW, the defendant, a manager of several establishments in the French part, held a meeting with the employees of one of his companies. Then he goes to a restaurant he manages, finds other employees and his partner, JG. Then everyone takes their car and goes home where an argument quickly breaks out for "a futile reason".

FW will throw JG's belongings on the deck, pushing it which falls to the ground. "She will be beaten with punches in the face," said the court.

"He's going to box her. Do not say that you gave him slaps ... slaps do not put him in such a state, "warns the judge, showing the photos of the" bloody face "of the victim who has a broken nose, several bruises, a first ITT of 6 days, then a second of 10 days.

"You are an ordinary person, you have no criminal record, there has never been violence within your couple ... How do we get to such an excess of violence? Keep asking questions of the court and the vice-prosecutor.

The two parties take turns delivering their version of the facts.

"We are trying to justify ourselves," said the vice-prosecutor, who recalled that 149 women had been killed in 2019 under the blows of their spouse and that 200 had been injured. "The accused faces a sentence of five years in prison" declared the representative of the public prosecutor before requesting a sentence of fifteen months in prison suspended, a ban on carrying a weapon for five years and a ban on staying near the home .

After deliberation, the court sentenced FW to a sentence of twelve months in prison, suspended, an internship to raise awareness of domestic violence, to pay a provision of 5 euros on damages (case transferred on civil interest in November) and 000 euros under article 2-500 of the Code of Criminal Procedure. The court rejected FW's request not to enter the sentence on his criminal record, received the request from Maître Dufetel for a medical and psychological expertise from the victim with deposits of 475 and 1 euros for the two doctors who will examine the victim.

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