Awarding of medals: Saint-Martinois and gendarmes honored for their courage and commitment


Sunday morning, the commemoration ceremony dedicated to the signing of the armistice between the Allies and the Germans took place in front of the Marigot war memorial. This commemoration was the occasion, for the delegated prefect Sylvie Feucher, to award medals to ten people who showed courage on different occasions, as well as to two gendarmes.

The medal of honor for acts of courage and dedication at the bronze level was awarded to Didier Caballero and Christian Richard, for having helped a couple and their two children during cyclone Irma, and to Jean Carty who, while the waters almost climbed to the first floor during cyclone Irma, saved his father and mother in extremis by bringing them out through the only window without shutters that he managed to break.

Kim Louisy saved her disabled neighbor by carrying her on her back, and rescued the 4 children in her care. After the cyclone, he criss-crossed the neighborhood and released a woman buried under the rubble of her house, badly injured in the abdomen and that everyone had left for dead. He transported her to the hospital from where she was repatriated to Guadeloupe in critical condition.

Stéphane Lake is a volunteer firefighter. During Hurricane Irma, he heard calls for help as the waters rose. He roped up at his house and went to rescue, by swimming, a dozen people taking refuge on a roof across the street. He also saved a family of 3 from drowning.

Steve Artsen, Raheim and Rahjanie Louisy-Wilson, Enderson Lovinsti and Brisaxelle Malik Richardson rescued tourists whose vehicle had fallen into the water on the Marigot seafront following a bad maneuver by the driver. They reassembled the tourists trapped in the vehicle before it sank completely.

The bronze medal for internal security with the "exceptional engagement of the internal security forces 2018-2019" clip was awarded to gendarmes Julien Azzopardi and Xavier Jacquemin, in order to reward the flawless commitment shown by these two soldiers. during the various law enforcement operations. _RM


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