Special insurance: looting and clearing of the car supported


Insurers from the French Insurance Federation (FFA) and the Antilles-Guyana Insurers Committee took exceptional measures after Irma's visit.

"Any individual who has been a victim of looting can benefit from the natural disaster guarantee, without having to demonstrate the existence of a break-in or an assault, as soon as he is insured against theft", indicates the site service- public. The same is true for merchants insured against theft.

In addition, the insurers of the FFA and the Antilles-Guyana insurers committee are committed to the assumption by the insurer of the clearing of the insured vehicle of an individual and damaged on the public highway.

Finally, an advance (sum of money intended to meet urgent needs) must be given by the insurer to any individual whose main residence is uninhabitable.

(Source: www.soualigapost.com)

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