Association: Youth Soualiga prepares for the start of the school year


Created in 2004, the Soualiga Youth Association is regularly involved in the community. Its action in favor of young people creates a space for sharing, support and free expression. New projects will emerge in the fall. 

Personal development

After case by case, the Youth Soualiga association wishes to open a support component for young people at the start of the school year in September. Creating a curriculum vitae, opening a bank account, or registering for driving school, these steps are necessary when you reach young adulthood. Jeunesse Soualiga is positioned as a guarantor to trigger these "reflexes which are not always automatic", confided Jean Marc Gervais, president of the association. A way to better empower young Saint-Martin residents. Youth Soualiga will welcome speakers and parents to share on these themes.


"It's a growing need," says Jean Marc Gervais. Throughout the year Soualiga Youth offered tutoring in mathematics. “We are not a school but we are going to expand the offer at the start of the school year with support courses in English and French”. Alongside, Soualiga Youth will accompany young members in preparing for their exams until D-Day. And it is when these students will obtain their diploma that Jean Marc Gervais will be rewarded, proud of their respective paths.

web radio

Web radio is a space made by and for young people. Sexuality, drugs, violence, all types of subjects are discussed online, with the support of outside contributors who answer questions from young people and provide education behind them. Youth Soualiga radio is looking for its new voices, and enthusiasts who wish to embark on a human adventure without taboos. In September, the association will travel to schools to present the radio to young pupils. 

Jeunesse Soualiga is looking for free premises to develop its web radio. To help the association in its investment, you can make a donation on the website:


Discovery of Saint-Martin and its heritage

Getting your bearings on the territory is important. Jeunesse Soualiga wishes to offer the discovery of the island through hikes, or puzzles to be solved in each district. "As a group it's always more fun," says Jean Marc. Thus, leisure activities will allow young people to evolve in the different neighborhoods and learn a little more about the history of Saint-Martin. _pc

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