ANSE MARCEL: The new Les Acacias gallery will open on Saturday November 19


The idea had been germinating for two years and the dream finally materialized: Anse Marcel was revitalized with the opening of the new Les Acacias shopping mall.

Open 7 days a week from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. with, from December, a night opening until 20 p.m. on Thursdays, the gallery will fully satisfy shopping lovers while inviting you to travel, like a destination within a destination.

If Anse Marcel is sometimes considered the end of the world on the scale of the island, it is nonetheless a corner of paradise. With the opening of the Les Acacias gallery on November 19, there will now be a place to spend the day with the family in a change of scenery and reliving with nostalgia the expedition to the mall that everyone experienced as children. Several already existing establishments have joined the project, such as the Blue Sail Hotel, which opened last year with a capacity of 8 rooms and a restaurant serving French cuisine and Spanish tapas which will add evening service to its lunchtime service to confirm this desire for consistency between the commercial structures of the gallery, the work of which was launched in March 2022.

The result is impressive, with a rehabilitation of the floors, decoration, benches and an original creation of green spaces, the Les Acacias gallery will quickly become a popular place for shopping with its 19 shops and 40 brands. Its square configuration recalls the districts of New York, rightly, we wander in the alleys which bear the name of urban arteries of the Big Apple. Two electric carts will be used to shuttle between the parking lot of Anse Marcel and the gallery to reinforce this feeling of a pedestrian village. Italian restaurant, sushi bar made with local products which will be equipped with screens to entertain people who want to take a break during the shopping marathon called Nippon House, everything has been thought out to make the experience unique. The ready-to-wear, lingerie, swimwear and shoe shops will allow locals and tourists to find what they are looking for, as well as the two mobile shops dedicated to the "Anse Marcel" brand created especially for the occasion. . Highlight of the show, the 100 m concept store2 opposite the marina of Anse Marcel which offers a breathtaking setting.

This concept store offers high-end brands with ready-to-wear, perfume, candles, scents and body products in a space where you want to stroll for hours. Another pride of the gallery's management, who took it to heart to train young people from Saint-Martin, is the team of apprentices born of a partnership with the Académie des Métiers with the creation of a brand new diploma, the professional title of luxury option sales consultant. With 12 young people at the start of the adventure last September, 7 of them will join the stores full-time as sellers as soon as the gallery officially opens. Everything is therefore in place for the Les Acacias gallery to be a total success. _VX


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