Air Caraïbes and French bee: 90% of refund requests made


When Paris-Orly closed between March and June 2020, Air Caraïbes and French bee offered the customers concerned to postpone their flight to a later date or to benefit from a credit note valid until December 31, 2020.

"As the measures taken by national and international public authorities following the evolution of the Covid-19 pandemic do not allow a return to normal air traffic, Air Caraïbes and French bee have decided to reimburse their customers' tickets wishing it from June 1, 2020. To date, 90% of the requested refunds have been made. The deadlines for obtaining a refund may have been long, in particular for requests prior to June 1, however, the reimbursement of new requests is now carried out very quickly. Faced with this unprecedented situation, Air Caraïbes and French bee have made every effort to speed up the processing of these operations and meet the expectations of their customers, ”the two companies of the Dubreuil group explained in a press release.

However, the two companies do not reimburse customers whose flights have been operated but offer credit if their tickets are canceled before the flight departs. In addition, customers who have purchased a package / stay via a tour operator or their ticket at a travel agency, must contact their travel agency or tour operator for any request concerning their trip.

For the past two months, Air Caraïbes has enabled travel agencies to fully and automatically reimburse the tickets of their customers who have made a request.

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